• We pay almost 200% what UberEats is paying drivers in the area!
  • Get paid for the work you do and keep 100% of your tips.
  • Ultimate flexibility, choose when your avaliable to work in advance & recieve more when your needed the most.
  • Perfect for anyone looking to fill a full time or part time schedule.



If you could go into business for yourself as a delivery driver, you could deliver food for small fee and make a living doing it. Sounds great doesn’t it? There is one big problem, restaurants only want a reputable company that can handle 100% of their delivery needs. Which is where we come in, we provide all the tools, resources and service contracts needed for an independent delivery driver to succeed.

  • We supply all the apps and tools needed to take deliveries.
  • We market and advertise our service, ensuring there is always a steady stream of business.
  • We provide all the call center and dispatcher support.
  • Everything else is taken care of, all you have to do is delivery drive and make money!

On-boarding Process

Before you can start delivery driving you must be on-boarded and certified by Lightning Delivery. The whole process is free, doesn’t take too long and is explained below. The best part is once your certified and meet current requirements you always have a way to make money in your free time!


We start by collecting all the information we need.


A local general contractor will meet with you.


Instructions on using the app, scheduling software, and equipment.


Your all set to drive and make money!

Getting Started

Before you can receive a driver contract from Lightning Delivery you must become certified. The certification process is pretty simple, we’ll need copies of a couple documents and a form filled out. The enrollment form for the certification leads directly into the driver contract. Once everything is done, a Lightning Delivery representative will be in contact with you.

Got questions?

Not a problem, we have answers. Simply fill out the information below, click submit and a local general contractor will contact you to answer any questions you have.

Are you ready to become a certified Lightning Delivery driver?

You will need the following before you even start the form;

  • A copy of your motor record report, this is obtained from the DMV for a couple dollars.
  • A current photocopy of your driver’s license.
  • Lastly a copy of your proof of insurance.